Privacy Policy

ESRA Publications Private Limited will handle and manage the data gathered from the author/s suitably, respectfully and objectively with utmost care. Under certain circumstances, ESRA Publications may require and request authors to provide data such as: the name, postal address, e-mail address, name of the institution/organization, Fax and phone numbers, usernames and passwords; payment information such as a credit or debit card number; authors comments, feedback, posts and the other content; the communication preferences and utilizes the collected data to redo the experience of the authors on the ESRA Publications websites, and to encourage one-to-one communication with the authors.

ESRA Publications Private Limited also gathers data/information as a major aspect to consider the utilization of its websites. This information empowers ESRA Publications to get acquainted with the authors and users who visit ESRA Publications website, and will know and monitor how frequently the users visit the website, and which parts of the website they visit regularly. Based on this, the ESRA Publications Private Limited will utilize the collected data to enhance its electronic uplifting.

ESRA Publications Private Limited considers authors data as private, secret and maintains complete confidentiality; and ESRA Publications will never reveal the authors data and personal information to any outsider without the consent of the authors or unless needed by the court/s of Law.

In addition, ESRA Publications Private Limited may offer additional services, including optional E-mail/SMS alert services, which are opted into by registration and may be opted out by the authors at any time. By choosing to take advantage of this and other services offered by the ESRA Publications Private Limited, we also seek authorized users consent to the use of their information for providing these services to them.

Some of the pages of the ESRA Publications Private Limited website may utilize "cookies," which are little records that the website places on the author’s hard commute for the recognition purpose. These tiny records are utilized for the website customization and enlistment whenever any author visits the ESRA Publications websites. Users should note that, the cookies can't read the information of the author’s hard commute. Author’s web program may permit the author to be told when he/she is getting a cookie, giving him/her the decision to acknowledge it or not. By not tolerating these cookies, a few pages may not completely function in their full capacity and the user may find some difficulty to get link to certain data on the website. This strategy may change occasionally, and it will be set right as early as possible by the Publishers.

If authors choose to register and sign in using third-party accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc., the authentication of that person’s login is handled by them directly. ESRA Publications will collect the users name, email address and any other relevant information about the third-party account which the user agrees to share with ESRA Publications at the time when the user gives permission for the ESRA Publications account to be linked to users third-party account.

Furthermore, authors and users who have been authorized by the ESRA Publications must be careful not to store their user name and password as a cookie on any computer, which is not their own, by doing so it would enable other users visiting that computer to access ESRA Publications data under their name and to have access to the authors ESRA Publications My Profile Page.

If you have any worries about how your data is being utilized or inquiries regarding ESRA Publications Private Limited privacy policy matters. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through ESRA Publications website.